Friday, December 29, 2006

The simplicity of word

What you miss the most sometimes isn't understandable until it's encircling you. To hold you, love you, seek you and know you is what makes that that. Only we can say what IT is or what IT can do for us but once IT is there, you know.

To know me is to find me, to find me is to seek me, to seek me is to know me, to know me is to talk to me, and to talk to me, you must love me.
Big or small words may come, its under the lines of communication. Tears may come and go but the important knowledge to know about tears is that they release endorphins in your body that are healthy.

Some moment I wish I had.

There is a lot of emotion in that one very thing and it's waiting to be released but yet I don't know how I can bring that about with correct intentions, ya know, not doing it just to do it, but have reason, explanation and direction.

All I can say is that amazement can be the
testimony to completion in ones life and
meet the needs, and that's why you're amazing.

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