Saturday, December 9, 2006

Experience or Book Smarts?

The number of times you ascertain from a repeated mistake will never compensate for the learning experience of the hard way. How often do we think of the little things we're doing to help us understand the authenticity of habitual actions? I know I don't parse enough thoughts or actions in that aspect until it's been brought to my attention from someone other than myself, seeing how I don't do too well recognizing those exploitments. It's elements (being our learnings) is a set course that has two definite answers or as we understand it, blessings..............and............consequences. There is no other way knowledge is wrought but through those very two adamant teachings. Many a time we hear about problems people struggle with, a few times I’ve heard this referred to as “favorite sins” but, how many of us eagerly wait to be anxiously engaged in a great cause such as: Service, magnifying our callings in life or religious aspects, strive to make someone happier or just plain act in good behavior just because we want to. I think we often vary our course of verity that we “think” we are on but are far off because of the justification that we entitle to ourselves through our agency, trying to deny those truths so elucidating and transparent. The walks of life is a manageable experience that we should all be happy to take on accompanied with responsibility to show forth the egotistical confidence we exhibit but not let it become overflowing. That’s a part of life right there. Finding the middle ground between two diverse worlds per say, and landing that mediocre thinking of how different things work and finding that is nonpareil. There are many charishable moments in our malignant world and it has a lot to offer if we are but willing to search out those things that teach us along the way while in our journey to find a single answer to our questions. I've had to train myself to not want an instant gradification when it comes to learning because you bypass some of the most valuable information when studied out correctly and thought upon heavily. Well, I shall finish this and say, that's all I have for right now.

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