Friday, December 1, 2006

Can't fake it.

The crack of a bat.
The swoosh of the net.
The snap of a glove.
The splash from a dive.
And the ding from a driving Iron.

All these sounds are something we live for but yet can't duplicate by scientifically ways. Same with the feelings of what we express through 3 unwary words. I Love You. It never really hit me of the power behind those words because I never used them outside my family matters, never really needed to......until recently. Understanding the ineffable arrays of unspoken words, it's amazing how you can feel that fire (and fire is just a mote of what I felt) without ever having to explain it. It'll only arise at the time it should and can't ever have nor find a counterfeit. Have you ever tried to hit a golf ball with a bat and expect that "Craaaaaaaaaaaaaackk" noise to come from it, if you tried, I can guarantee that you failed miserably, I've been there. Very few times I've told someone I loved them and for the first time, I said because I contemplated, pondered, questioned and forethought it before it fell from my lips. It not only meant something to me but also to the person I said it to. It's definitely something I hope to live for for the rest of my life, just as if I were to make mine own snap of the glove..........of swoosh of the net.


heathie_flower said...

If I remember correctly, I believe I have heard those words come out of your mouth. But I don't think you thought about it as hard as you should have. Follow your heart. Don't do anything that you don't think about first. Look before you leap. You are a very strong person, but patience is a virture you need to embrace. Happiness will be found when not looking.

Angel Images said...

Freeze and Click

Anonymous said...

This is your only post that isn't jumbled, It is real, it's not fancy and all done up it's actually sincere. Sometimes your blog is weird and makes no sense at all.... this one actually does. You should post more like this.