Thursday, December 28, 2006

What men know about women............

Pry my tears and release my pain

Cry my tears and stop me from running insane

Pry my tears and take all guilt away
Cry my tears, only to bring me a brighter day

Pry my tears, and take away my stress
Cry my tears; to be with you I’ve truly been blessed

Pry my tears, sing me a song
Cry my tears and no longer will I be alone

Pry my tears and please forgive me
Cry my tears and just help me be

Pry my tears through ups and downs
Cry my tears and erase my frowns

Pry my tears and let me dream
Cry my tears and show me what true love really means

Pry my tears just like before
Cry my tears and then let it rain no more


Karen said...

well thats the truth :-)

Angel Images said...

There are things in life that are superficial. What is on the surface is not what may really be inside and deep. It is the genuine friend that will take the time to learn.

The relationships that require the most are worth the most to us. It is when we part with those people that we struggle the most. Those are the people we grow to have a deep love for.

You are amazing and there are so many wonderful characteristics about you. I am grateful to have known you and share my life with you.