Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Blinking 12:00

As the moon light graces your face, and the steam rises from the encircleing water, a countenance comes out. Understatements are attempted and tried in conclusion to a failure because the words that should come with these ineffable feelings aren't able to be presant either. Sentimental moments spent on a higher plain has an exhilerating explaination as if you are a clock blinking twelve.

People who have affables awaiting them are like clocks that are blinking twelve. You walk by them, you talk to them, and who knows, you may even be one. In hopes, you keep blinking that someone, someday will pass by you and happen to glance and see that nothing has changed but in reality, you know the date and time but refuse to let anyone else know until they press the right buttons. Or, know the very fissures to slide in that crack in this "wall" that you have built and supposidly won't let anyone in. As if this picture was you........

and then us

looking in.
I think no matter how long one thinks that he or she will keep this all built up and never let go......I can promise that that'll change over a course of time wheather you want it to happen or not. Thru understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the true way to accept that this will happen is to know that an Atonement has been made. Growing closer to those you love, you start to see what they really are. You may be infactuated with them, then again you may not, but as the truth expounds and stays consistent you have nothing more to worry about than unlocking the door from the inside.

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