Saturday, December 6, 2008


No interest,
no love,
no time,
no fate,
no cure,
no predestined,
no talk,

not even for you.

No comment,
no path,
no look,
no right,
no connection,
no feeling,
no date,

not even for you.

No ken,
no heart,
no intention,
no trust,
no desire,
no hope,
no confidence,

not even for you.

No thought,
no chance,
no opportunity,
no risk,
no support
no luck,

Not even for You Trevor.

Lost causes and false dreams are only the initiation of what I wrap myself around. Are my expectations really exceeding that which I find to bring me happiness and joy? But I can't even find that. Figure 8's and short oval tracks are what I find myself running on....far too often...why don't they have pitstops?

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