Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did You or I..... say this?

I wanted You and now You…have lost Me. You’ll never understand that I can see IT in Your ever so transparent eyes, now You want Me but You left Me broken-hearted. The only thing I wanted was for You to love Me, I can’t even have that and now You don't mean a thing to Me. Finally, I can smile again without faking it. You don't know what it was about Me, I guess You wanted what You couldn't have. I can't miss what I don’t know about and I thought You were worth My tears, but now I think and know differently. I talk about Us to others and now You realize what You are missing out on because of the comment made by others. I can laugh again without worry. Now I'm better and I'm well again. Were You worth My tears? For the One I loved, shouldn't have made Me cry. That which doesn't kill Me, can and will make Me stronger. Now I've met some one who loves Me more fully and how dare You feel jealous when you see Us together. But I can make a mock of You about it just because You forsook Me, but now I'm alive again. So all I can say is You lost Me as a friend, and My love is no longer...

Now it shouldn't matter whether I said this to someone, or it was said to me or that it was even said...All I can express is there is pain out there somewhere. And if amends should be made, let it so be.

We cannot escape from this chaotic world nor can we run from it. But the beauty we can all learn from it, is that it's a time of learning, teaching, exploring and most of all....preparing. Encounters that we find ourselves in happen so often for hundreds of unknown reasons, except....for the one purpose in which we were supposed to be taught. I don't care what pond I'm in, why I'm there or what the effect it...all I care about is whether I made my decision to drop into the place I was called so that the ripple affect my be initiated and that it may take effect for the purposed intented by the Master.

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