Friday, February 15, 2008

Sudden Changes.

A promised blessing:

Everyday will be a day of learning or a day of teaching........

What I learned today is that Heavenly Father is ever so mindful of each of his children. As I sat there with my foot on the brake pedal, I watch this lady in front of me shuffle vigorously for who knows what in her purse. I still sat there as the light turned green, watching her ruffle through her purse and then she takes her foot off the brake pedal 1.5 complete seconds after the light had turned green. Watching the mooting of this lady, I then saw God's hand in her life when all the sudden this little toyota pick-up runs right through the red light. No more than 12 inches of matter passed between these vehicles.

".....this dude is so set in his ways!" Benny replies. Trevor interuppts, "There is a word for that called ossified." "You're too smart to be here Trevor!" Eric exclaims.

All I asked was to fit in and be understood. Oft it feels I'm living in a notional world, but IT is too true be fictional. I may feel I am negligible at times, but, without a doubt, permentantly you will find me being mercurial.

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Brandy A. Lee said...

mercurial... I love that word. You fit every definition of it. You go! (that was so 90's... ak!)