Friday, January 11, 2008

Is it all gone?

betrayal : to lead astray

bereft : lacking something needed, wanted, or expected

irrevocable : not possible to revoke

"'ll never find these in them nor try to seek that they have done these actions, Me Dear." Congruency is always implicit. Binding factors to allocate any intentions to meliorate life's situations is the best thing one can do. Circumstances at hand will always remonstrate one to ponder for either a nano-second or for a season to only excuse time and proliferate a needed additional knowledge.

Experiences will no longer determine my expectations as they have in the past but will entice me to further my understanding of what it will take to defer my will and exhaust my wants to be in the right place at the right time for once. Drubbed excessively, reiteration banned.

A yt thnk thy msndrstd m.

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Angel Images said...

Thanks for the word lesson this morning. It's always great to get the Monday morning brain going :)

Sometimes we feel like we are being drubbed excessively, whether by outside forces or those that are so close to us; and we wonder why it continues sometimes. You are such a good teacher and have touched me in ways that you, perhaps, will never know.

Your immutability (another word I learned along the way) is inspiring and one day I will be able to say "I know Trevor Hansen." I feel such a strong spirit and tears of joy fill my eyes as I think of who you are and the small glimpses of your "Insiders" I have been privileged to witness.

Thank you for who you are :)