Sunday, March 23, 2008


Standing still in patient moments in my life tends to end my security and my pillows tend to become wet. Musing on pivotal twinkles of life, reflections are pertinent to the very bearing of where I am going. A quote by a man of God stated after being asked about how to help wayward children, ”Don’t forget about the children that ARE doing what they should be doing.” Recalling experiences in my life, what a path I have traveled to be where I’m at today. My capricious wonderment of my potential has always concluded to elevated amazement and nothing short notorious thoughts. Ramifications I’ll never comprehend are slowing coming to fruition, but yet how do I know that they are to be? Certain blessings in my life has given me direction as to what I need to do in order to become exalted but yet has left me at the crossroads that don’t stop forking just as I believe I have arrived at my destination. Being this emotional has brought feelings that I haven’t ever had before as past feelings once again reverberate in my mind and life. Daily, I ponder hundreds of problems, ideas, thoughts and feelings pertaining to my reasoning of why I’m here at this time. I have a sliver of knowledge of what I did to be placed here at this time, but in return, I have a gargantuan gamut of what I should (supposed to) be doing but not always clear of how to get there, and that’s ok……

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