Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Just plain EVIL

Out of all honesty, what does it take to convey ones individuality to secure success so that others my see the potential that lies within? I don’t know that I’ll ever come to the conclusion of that question but I can contribute to the idea that living in the manner of being you will always address the unknown outcome. She will never know what she doesn’t know about me and I don’t think she ever will. I honestly can’t explain why I liked her but that feeling will soon dissipate and I too shall become more prepared for someone far greater than she.

As you may wonder what in the world could have pushed me to this insanity, it’s easily elucidated in the vicinity of a vivid or brilliant self-importance. As an ongoing attempt to complete this process, I strive for a personal witness of one thing and one thing only. You too can have this witness if you let the spirit testify to you through the light of Christ that you have been blessed with. It’s found in a talk by
Virginia H. Pearce titled the Grand Truths of Eternity. Now you might ask yourself why I don’t just come out and tell you the veracity of my intentions but what are you to learn if I just tell you? I dare not steal the infinite and measureless opportunity for you to be taught by your Father in Heaven. Its like those times when you are reading the scriptures, you come across something immaculate and you go to share it and it’s as if it’s no longer where you found it the forefend context made just for you. I can’t speak to you what the spirit wants you to hear, but you will hear what the spirit wants you to hear it when you’re studying or reading from your inhabited motives. A pure methodical ken will lead you and guide you to the celestialized aspiration. Now to tie this all back into what brought about this verbose text, I will lay it out for you.

Time is precious, and so are the Daughters of God. People say love is not a game, but yet why do we have so many players? I will be honest to my readers. I find no contentment in filibustering with my eternal salvation nor should one find it “fun” or “be confused about” to waste time in hopes that “it” works itself out. Sure it has taken time and effort to swing my understanding-sledge-hammer at the walls of “security” that’s taken me a life time to build, but those walls have created a fissure for people to peak at me and identify a witness of who I am.

So now that I’m done speaking my mind, all I ask of girls is that if you don’t know what you want, just say it. Please don’t play it off with time in hopes that he will just disappear, (because he wont) but be polite and say, “I’d rather spend time as friends first and if it moves forward from there, we could try it.” I can guarantee that 20 months of my life (5 different girls X 4 months) would have been different had I known…….you never were interested……

Heavenly Father knows best and I know he is looking out for me. I can testify that he is aware of me and is constantly working on me so that I my be thrusted back into the blacksmiths coals to yet be refined again in the beatings and refinement process that I’m about to under go.

I have forgiven and forgotten.

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