Wednesday, January 24, 2007


More less than often I get these urges to dive intricately thru the scriptures, doctrine and many other resources to prolong my knowledge in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

My latest topic would be that of a simple ken, prevalently spoken of and calmly applied to draw the powers of heaven. We......I too often forget the walls that must contain my faith and therefore, I struggle to seize the blessing at hand and wait for a more transparent opportunity to recognize.

A pattern of success is constituted by acts of faith shown by: Trust in the Lord, Obedience to His commandments, Sensitivity to the spirits promptings and exercising patience and understanding that God, over a matter of time will answer your prayers, according to His will that best fits us. It's a simple understanding that God uses YOUR faith to mold YOUR character.

However, a question that proceeds my thoughts is: What verifies my character? To me, my character is made up of my success and my success is verified by all my mistakes that it's taken me to get there. Ok, maybe, maybe not, but the fact is there is a compound that regulates our faith in accordance with action. That compound is: Doctrine, Principle, and Obedience. Application of all three requirements weaves your Divine character.

"Faith is not only the principle of action, but is also the principle of power in all intelligents beings, whether in heaven or on earth."

That very quote itself remedies that God himself must act upon Faith also to carry out his will/purpose. If you behold the promises that He shows, Mormon 9:21 does a prime effort to tenderly teach us that humble prayer accompanied with faith shows that if we are truly in tune with His divine work ship, .........your wish is my command.......

I wish my thoughts would continue!!!! Grrrrrrr.... times like this I wonder why my mind jumps around and my thoughts seem to go right out the window???!!!

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