Monday, January 1, 2007


you've added me, you've dropped me
you've helped me, you've shuned me
you've blessed me, you've neglected me
you've showed me, you've left it to me

Friends are there to help, not to hurt. Those that really and truely stick around are those you know should not doubt are there for you. At times we forget that our friends have lives too and sometimes we take for granted the conversations that help us understand when we catch up with them.

I know I have friends that I need to talk to and friends I talk to often, but knowing that I have something to share with all of them is what makes me a good friend.

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In a Nutshell said...

There are people who come into our lives to teach us lessons. While we want to be selfish and keep them around, sometimes they can't.

In the same sense, we need those people who will listen to us and in turn share with us. The Lord knows our needs and in turn will never leave us alone, even when we feel we are in our darkest moments.