Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well Plotted Life Event

In the realm in which God allows us to exist by our choice, He would not let us journey to an unknown place without some form of communication nor direction.  Life as we know it, has opposition in all things.  Whether good or bad, there is a consequence for all actions that take place and provide a path that is always being traveled.  As many choices come in all forms, it ultimately comes down to us, what we want and where we want to go.  This past November, I had two close friends take their next step into their progressional state in which God intends for all of us.  
An outline of what we believe, being The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there was a pre-earth life state as to where we lived prior to receiving a physical body and begin our probational stage here on earth.  In order to obtain the privilege of having a body, we had to choose for our selves what we believed in.  When we decided that we believed that Jesus is the Christ, accepted His offer and would be the one to sacrifice all for us, we then were granted the blessing of getting a body to house our spirit.
With this life being full of choices and obligations mandating our actions, we must learn to understand the curve of taming our natural man tendencies.  Any natural man tendencies are inclinations that are easy decisions to make or take little to no effort in doing.  Intentions to become successful are always easy to think about but when it comes to execution upon that desire of success, it becomes a lot harder.  It takes little to no effort in thought or actions when the natural man takes control.
When both Matt Rothey and Grandpa Wendall Hansen passed away, more comfort was present because of the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation in which our Father in heaven provided us in order to have a way to return to Him.  In Gods plan and timing all things come together.  At    certain times we may not have the best ken of why what is happening or the principles that are to be learned, but all in due time, we will succeed at knowing that God loves us and we are His child.  Not only that, but we will also come to know our purpose in which we will know why we are here, and what we need to accomplish.  Some of those things are steward ships, others may be leadership or following those called to serve.  
The reason I bring all this up is that we are all apart of something far more greater that some of us may understand at certain times.  World War II was from 1941 to 1945.  In those four years, Grandpa Hansen served in the military as a radar reader.  The all seeing eye as some would say that would give them a leg up on the enemy was an interesting way to hear someone put gospel terms in the military.  I’m sure that that happens but it was one of the first times it had clicked in my mind.  
Hear TAPS being played as Grandpa laid to rest, the first and second note weren’t that bad, but the third caused me to weep in my cold, worn shoes.  At that very moment, I recalled what went through my mind when Grandpa heard where I was called for my mission.  I proudly took my letter from the prophet where it stated that I was called to serve in the Philippines Baguio Mission and will speak Tagalog.  He said to me, “how great is that. . .?! I liberated them so you could go and teach them.”  Out of 65 grandchildren, I am the only one thus far to serve where Grandpa served all for one great cause. . . to free the children of God from bondage.  With wet eyes while typing this leads me to believe that there will always be a desire to serve those around me, recognize the past that permits my progression and everything has a purpose.  
The Plan of Salvation is so perfect.  I love it.

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