Sunday, October 3, 2010

You must take "it" at times...

Meekness ranks so low on the mortal scale of things, yet so high on God's quoted Elder Maxwell in a talk given about being Meek and Lowly.  I have always loved this topic of study by this man because of the experiences I've had in life that portray a glimpse of what I've experienced at times.  Because I will be quoting Elder Maxwell so often in this entry I just want the reader to know I will put it in parentheses.  He speaks of the life in which we must live in order to obtain this Christ-like attribute which is hard to obtain but yet its sweetness is like none other.  Even though at times, the pathway to be meek and lowly cause pain, the end result is far above those praises of mankind.  (Meekness is needed, therefore, in order for us to be spiritually in "thanksgiving daily" is actually possible even in life's stern seasons).  An experience that happened to my wife and I the other night, we were coming home from the store driving about 30mph in a 25mph zone.  This man is standing out in the parking strip of his property flashing a light at our vehicle as we drive by.  I tell Cars, he may need some help and flip around.  As I approach this old man in his 50's, I roll down my window and ask, "do you need some help sir?" "YES! You need to slow down!" he replied.  I share with him that I was going 30mph and understand it's a residential area.  He then proceeded, "Yes, it's 5 mph faster than the speed limit!"  I have no idea of this gentleman's motive but whatever it may be, simple we must take it at times.  So often, I wondered to myself, when Elder Maxwell stated, "He or she will have to "take it" at times."  

I always asked myself...what does it mean to "take it" at times?

My definition:  To swallow any pride while in the midst of an undeserved comeuppance. 

Such experiences of mine when having to "take it" was at a young age.  Late 1980's, my sister and I were playing with matches and caused a house fire.  At the age of Four, the blame was put on me even thought I did not do the act of starting the fire.  My father being patient with me, took me by the hand, walked down the stairs to the basement and with a room full of black charcoal and ash every said to me, "look what you did."

Another time, I was on my way home from a Jr. Jazz game.  I was getting a ride from some friends of mine and as we stopped at the light, we saw a kid whom we just played and won, was getting physically abused.  In the misted of the yelling of the mom of my friends, while my friends were pointing and laughing and I just sat there sad for this boy, next week I found this Mom pushing us in the direction to apologize for laughing and pointing and unsportsman-like conduct.  As a 10 year old boy, I asked myself why I needed to apologize for pointing and laughing that wasn't done by me.  

When I read the talks by Elder Maxwell, I know that he has suffered such experiences that helped him understand the pathways to discipleship.  

Often I know that we experiences hardships and misery to help us grow but how else will we know what God wants us to become if we don't walk his paths.  The very act of choosing to have a valid source of integrity comes within yourself.  Integrity is the act of doing 'it', because 'it' is the right thing to do, all the time.  Being able to make decisions that change the course of our lives gives us the better opportunity to refine our characters that once came from a more exalted sphere.  The glimpse of heaven can be seen here on earth as Elder Kimball once said, "heaven can be in a hogan or a tent...for heaven is of our own making."  I would add that it's up to us to ensure that we choose to see with the eyes of faith, to see how our Father in heaven sees us, not as the world gauges reputation.

Sometimes, we just have to 'take it' at times.

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