Monday, August 4, 2008

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Interestingly enough, I sparked an individual to challenge my word verbiage. In a life long journey to build my story (in preparation to becoming a motivaltional speaker), I've come to the census that my statement I have made once before is true..."If you want to be understood, use words people can understand." When the correct resource is valid, ( phrases can be understood.

For instance; Veracity - truthfulness, Salacious - lustful, Precatory - wishfull thinking or expressing a wish.

Now, I haven't the faintest idea of who this individual is and that's ok. For all I know, I could know them well and they know me, or on the flipside, they haven't ever met me and bless their heart, they return to my blog for enjoyment.

The moments that I wish to stretch myself in the very aspect of expounding my lexicon (vocabulary), I feel is the purpose of my writing. My sister even questioned my blog as she said, "Trevor, why don't you ever talk that way? You don't even know what they mean..." I took the time to educate her, she believed me that I knew what I was talking about. I have contemplated many a time that I should start another blog and conform those standards to the worlds take on speaking.

There is a guy that I work with that related a story to me concerning language. His brother's mind has become so tainted with vulgarity that every other word is f*** this and f*** that. I have witnessed this first hand with a friend of mind in middle school. I bet him he couldn't last 20 mins with out swearing. He lasted 4 1/2 mins. When the a** word slipped, with in 1 more second, the s*** and f*** words followed abruptly because that language to him was habitual. Honestly, what more beauty could you ask for when you find an english word that explains the feelings you can't explain?

Im grateful that someone not only takes the time to leave a comment for what I write but just to take the time to read I greatly appreciate. I guess this can be a turning point and maybe I'll leave my verbose writing for my journal...cause no one ever reads that. Also to the individual that left the comment, I've like to know who you are and if you wish not to tell, that's ok too.

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