Thursday, July 24, 2008

I think not.

Reminiscing in the veracity of salacious seconds clicking to the drum beat of my heart, consumption of closure to characterized aspects has turned the tide. A musing attitude clearly conforms to my instinctive (and/or carnal) mind to initiate the perpetual process of reforming my productive thinking.

Tasting the sound of vibrant sentiments floating about really provides me the opportunity to vastly assist in an unknown atmosphere that I’m not quite yet assure of but yet, I completely know it’s the perfect simulation for further events to take place.

On a less likely to be taken serious note, what a challenge life events have brought forth to me in this stage of my life. I find myself in certain situations that in my mind could easily be precatory or even preparatory. I would hope that it’s in my favor and I’m not going to let a doubt precede my character, for it is supernal and ethereal. Recent happenings in my life tend to be both a chance to learn or to teach and given that blessing in both aspects, there isn’t more I could ask for right now. Solidifying exactness in His will places a sure testimony that I’m reckoned in precision placement. Being able to clearly understand that this has been a quest of it’s own but fulfilling through His eyes, purely gives me the undergoing of a pristine growth.

It’s not too often that I’m granted a chance that I feel I have control over. Seeing that I have been given an assignment to have a greater stewardship over certain individuals, this is the time I see for the work of the Lord to shine as men step up to do their best. Granted, at times they will talk with levity or jokingly but really, what an awesome learning experience it can turn out to be for those around him and also the best for himself. When right intentions are understood, great knowledge comes into play, but if it’s looked past with ease, the lesson to be learned has been forfeited. Someone that is in everyone’s life is there for a reason, what do you think?

Chance…. I think not.


Anonymous said...

Once again your thoughts are jumbled, and your thoughts are fuddled by your grammar. Why don't you stop pretending that you are some great intellectual and stop hiding behind riddles of words. Take for example your first sentance "Reminiscing in the veracity of salacious seconds clicking to the drum beat of my heart, consumption of closure to characterized aspects has turned the tide." Read that and honestly take a good look at what you are saying, let's roughly translate this into English that someone at let's say ninth grade could understand.... "Thinking in the reality of exciting seconds clicking to the drum beat of my heart,use of conclusion to characterized aspects has turned the tide." Okay so what you mean to say is that now that you are thinking about something exciting that you know because you have made a conclusion about something. Why go on a wordy trail that is just unecessary and inappropriate. I feel that your blog could be much more enjoyable if you stopped struggling to type more than you needed to. Just reading your posts I need a thesaurus and then when I use it, nothing makes sense! I would really like to enjoy your blog but I am having a hard time with your grammar, thank you for allowing me to comment I am sure you will take these thoughts into consideration.

Brandy A. Lee said...

I enjoy reading your blog for the pure delectation of erudition. I had an interesting conversation with a sage person today and he said, "I feel like my mind is slowing down and I don't like it." Elder Maxwell (who is perhaps one of the most "verbose" General Authorities) said, the absence of learning will perhaps be one of our greatest downfalls. While most people may not take the time to gain a ken of Trevor, his words make sense for those who are "listening to hear" rather than take the easy way out. There are so many words wanting from our vocabulary because we want things now and people aren't willing to take the time to think. Go read a Jane Austin, Sontag, or Barthes and then ask yourself if Trevor is really that hard to understand... Thanks Trev for being a teacher of words!