Sunday, July 29, 2007

Spoken words on a keyboard.

I was once told that when you want to write, you are to just let the words fall as they may and then go back and fix them. Seeing how this is just a basic entry, I really don't care to go back and fix anything because I rather be known for what I have to say then try to butter up my words (even though I do at times) Spoken verbatim, at least for me, there are times when I hope that people will do one of two things when I'm speaking. Whether it be in a crowd, teaching, or just a one on one moment to seize, is when I pray that it's understood. I know that I'm not the best of person to open up when explaining these things but I think in honestly, it's one of the few things I can justify when I say it's a guy thing.

One: When a guy is talking........just listen, don't add to what he's already dealing with, he'll work it out, really. So, just listen.

Two: If he asks a question, just answer it, please don't answer with a question because that doesn't help us one bit, EVER! oh yeah, and if there isn't a question, don't try to answer what he is sharing with you, he's doing that, just sharing.

Iscrutable experiences are at times what keeps us going for the sense of adventure and we need in order to succeed and find self-worth. Not all at once will certain happenings acknowledge our needs but it sure has a lot to teach us. If at times there is a blank stare of ken in our minds eye, there is more to be sought then just the adverage answer that soceity will fill your head with. Welp!

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