Friday, April 20, 2007

Every day encounter....

Pros and cons of living at home take their toll. I for one wish I could move out and be on my own for awhile just to test out the wakes of life and to see how well I can handle it. I understand that when you move out, you're not only paying rent ( or payments), bills, food and the cost of living, but the very lucrative experience of living on your own and having 100% freedom in the everyday choices that you face. There isn't a day go by where some one questions what I'm doing, or what is being done to do what I should be doing. I understand completely the responsibilities that I have living under this roof that I'm thankful for but is there ever any give and take?
There are times that I strive to make the best of all things but often it takes a number and is emotionally sifting me often. There are the little things that keep my head above water and treading lightly, prayers and studies. But in a recent conversation I had with a close friend, the basics of scripture study and verbal prayers will not reach to the law of minimum/maximum. The law of minimum/maximum is the actions you live by in order to obtain revelation for yourself to know whether the spirit will corroborate your choices. Just like the importance of putting your calling before everything else while your single.

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