Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Basic Learning Curves

Just last night I had the opportunity to talk with one of my buddies about the situations in life and how it can help us become the people we are this very day and age!

The conversation started out in discussing how society controls the circumstances or views that girls think when it comes to a guy asking them out…

Me personally, I don’t have a problem just randomly walking up to a girl and asking her out if I’m in the right situation to ask her (such as a church activity or I can see that it’s in my favor to help the situation) then I’m all game, but when she is around her friends and she questions whether to say yes or no because of what her friends think, is where things get rough! As I ponder the very situations where I have become involved, it was all because the girls I approached have thought on their own, no outside help was granted. I personally am content with being single and will be until love unfolds, but the dating games and girls playing them are what get on my nerves. I just recently read a comment from a girl on myspace and she said that guys need to stop being jerks and to stop breaking girls hearts but does she understand that it is a two way street? Makes me wonder.

When it comes down to putting myself out there, there is a lot I’m willing to stake but yet getting tired of chasing transparent desires someone has put out there. I’m not one of much to speak of but when it comes to pushing the goal of striving for eternal progression, I can’t let anything get in the way, nor will I let anything stop it.

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