Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Passing of time.

Within these very words are works of verity. I'm not too sure there are more than 2 people that read this one being myself. For people who care to really snatch the opportunity to seek me out, here it is. I often do lack in explaining a lot of things but I'm careless in hiding many more things because it's so much easier to be understood than to be sought. I think about the many things I talk about with a choice friend that seems so interested in my God-given knowledge that I sometimes wonder if that's why she sticks around (which I know it isn't the ONLY reason).

The longing for friends is still a player in my mind and something I'm consistently working at. One of the biggest frustrations I'm always battling is just that, of putting myself out to a level of vulnerability and chance. Who is life isn't out to make a few friends? I'm myself will never fight to be found with the group that is almost unoticeable however, the leaves may fall where unwanted experiences occure but the more I see it come to pass, all people have a general impact on someone.

ok so maybe I won't finish this entry because that is all that is supposed to be intended so there you have it.

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