Thursday, February 15, 2007


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In my eyes from the two: Reputation is the search in which man is after when he's forgotten his purpose. And Character is based upon your relationship with God for he DOES know who your true character is.

Many a time in life, the search for mans happiness is inscrutable because of how erratic ones vision has become in life. I know that at times when I'm feeling down or depressed, it's at the moment there should follow with a self-evaluation that helps you refocus on the little things that can be worked out line upon line, precept upon precept. The verity of the situation is, too often we seek out the luxuries of life when in fact it should come down to the relevancy of how one is to act upon the knowledge that they have been blessed with. We always find ourselves trying to run this duple rhythm when in fact we are completely out of line with His ideas and His will but yet if we can modify that "ONE" self-inflicted encumbrance all because of the loss vision, life becomes easier.

If you take a look at this picture of a bamboo tree, what do you see different than any other tree or do you even notice anything? That's perfectly fine if you don't notice it but let me point out something a Filipino taught me while serving my mission in that beautiful place of the

Philippines. As this bamboo tree is fully flourished, at the top it's hung over to the point of the tip is pointing back down at the earth. It reaches to it's limits only to point itself down back at the ground, why? The same analogy as a wheat in the tare that is found in the scriptures. How does wheat stand when it has no seed? Straight up, as if it is the only one, no different from the others. When it fact that stalk has no seed which represents character. Same as this bamboo, replete of it's seed, remembers its maker. And bows.

Now think of yourself. Are you worried about your seed being harvested or fallen? If it is to be harvested, what will happen? A countless number of things will come about.....If it is to be fallen.... you become lost, alone and selfishly thinking you are forgotten.

These seeds that we are blessed, is a part of our character. Giving us experience that we soon draw upon to have a complete grok of what we are to become. I was attending institute and while we were talking about the discussion we had in Helaman 14:30 and that's when this thought found a fissure into my mind.....

"Often we forget that trials and tribulations are the process in which we build our character to that standard in which makes our potential obtainable or reachable."

Its interesting how we seem to want to stand up straight but forget what it takes to keep us up and going all at the same time. But in the end, we must accept that only through certain ways will we be able to accomplish those journies that teach us in the appreception ways that the Lord uses.

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Angel Images said...

As I read this, I thought back to last week's conversation. In my notes I have reputation vs. character. For me, reputation is more what the world THINKS of us as people. Character is what God KNOWS we are and, somewhere inside, we know we are too.

Reputation is often seen as getting as high as we can so other people look at us. It is such a concern with the external and worldly things, that we lose sight of that which is most important.

When we understand our character, and that we are children of God, we know it is OK to bow because we are honoring the very person we owe everything to and we know we are the apple of His eye. God needs no convincing to know we are special.