Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Aww...... Fresh Meat.

The more and more I read my verbose lines of chicken scratch in notes, journals and various other places, I thought I would give this a shot and let people know a little more about me. This is the first thing you should read before any other entry so you'll find it at the first of EVERY entry just so you'll understand a bit better, however, if you've read this once, just bypass that hypertext and you're good to go.

This is my disclaimer that spelling errors stand as MY perfection until I refuse to correct them.......but for those that can only spell so many words only one way, I feel bad, it's like there is a lack of character for those that think they are perfect but aren't. I'm sorry if I just bursted your bubble but, reality check, Matt 5:48 (read the footnote of Perfection). So, I will tell you that these entries may or may not be thought processes, adventures, feelings and or imagination but in fact are the things I wish to read on...............

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Angel Images said...

Welcome! It is about time you joined the crazies here... ;)