Monday, December 28, 2009

A legacy to be told.


The keen sense of comfort often come from those that we love and hold close to our hearts. For many of us it's family, friends and even the Savior. Being an amateur composer, I find myself wanting to be surrounded by those who have been affected and in return want to be a causing effect.

The ripple effect in life is something that most of us, if not all of us should be challenged to live by. In this video the statements of "You are my kind of beautiful" and "you give me the feelings people write novels about" and "true love does not come by finding the perfect person but by learning to see in imperfect person perfectly" are passionate disciplinary actions that cause someone to be somebody.

Josh and Jenny are those types of people that help me see more to life than what life it self has to offer. Society is what life has to offer you, people like Josh and Jenny that contribute to society the way that society doesn't contribute shows you there is more to life...than life.

Josh, I will never forget the memories we had together and now is your time to take the next step in your progression and help those, who may not be able to help themselves.


Brandy A. Lee said...


J.lee Hansen said...

Thank you! like the phrase is even adequate.

I love you!

I appreciate you not trying to understand but just being there. your presence and thoughts are healing. And each day does not get easier, just portions and parts of each day bear their own unique light!