Thursday, May 24, 2007

Joys of new beginnings

Starting my new jobs at Market Star is amazing. I'm a National Event Manager and have the say for what goes in my Region, I love it. I never thought that I would in a managing position but I kind of like it. Yeah, it has its ups and downs but the best additive about it is the people I work with and the environment. I don't think I could ask for better people to be around and know that they are here to help me. The validation of the blessings of the Lord is always recognizable when you really want to see it, you may have to ask at times, but it's always feasible if you really want it bad enough. It has taken me six months to find a job that I finally looked forward to applying for but in return, I know that I'm not only her for a job. One of the reasons I know that I'm here is because of who I am. The other day, I sent this email to a gal that I work closely with and I told her how much I appreciate what she does and for making my job easier. In return, she mentioned that out of all the NEG Managers (like 8 or 9 of ) I have been the only one to thank her for what she is doing. I know that it'll make a difference for her and for me in the work environment.


just the facts, mamm said...

great post. love you positive additude. keep on keeping on.

Angel Images said...

Just a thought... Think about how much that note meant to her... Then think about how much it could mean to those people who work under you. It is always nice to know you are appreciated and noticed.